Mikawa Manzai in Kota
 Mikawa Manzai is believed to have originated in Nishio
 about 740 years ago.  The second resident priest, 
 Otsuzenshi, of Jissoji temple learned and brought this
 comedic art form back from China and taught it to the
 local people.  Manzai in Kota dates back to the
 beginning of the Meiji Period, when it was performed
 mainly in the Kanto District as a Shinto prayer for 
 peace and security, a bumper crop, and the health and
 prosperity of the nation and was performed with the 
 character of Saizouplaying the comical role and 
 Nishio-no-tayu assuming the main or straight role.  
 In 1977, the Kota-cho Mikawa Manzai Preservation
 Association was founded and effort has been made in 
 the preservation and promotion of this traditional 
 form of entertainment.  Manzai programs in Kota 
 include "Gomonbiraki no Mai," "Goten Manzai,"
 "Kazoeuta," "Sankyoku Manzai", as well as others.  
 In December 1995,Mikawa Manzai was designated as a 
 National Significant Intangible Folk Cultural Asset 
 in conjunction with Nishio city and Anjo city.